Holiday seasons and how a virtual assistant can help

Holidays and how a virtual assistant can help

The holidays are a wonderful time to recharge and relax, to put all the cares of the workplace behind you and just enjoy life without a deadline and an alarm clock.

Unfortunately, there is another side to it.  Whilst colleagues are away those remaining often have to pick up the slack not only doing their own job but taking on others’ as well, another common scenario is when holiday makers return they are greeted by a mountain of filing, unread emails and full voicemail boxes.  Very quickly the rest and relaxation gained becomes consigned to the past, catching up can take many hours overtime often unpaid, and colleagues are frayed from trying to take on extra work left by absentee colleagues.

Using a Virtual Assistant during the holiday seasons can help to keep the work flow down to a manageable level, they can move from job to job enabling them to do what is needed at any one time.

We understand the difficulties that can arise when people struggle with workloads. At Clear the Day we are happy to take on all your mundane filing and admin jobs.  We can also work on your premises subject to distance and availability.

Clear the Day offer an initial free, up to one-hour consultation to discuss your requirements and how we can best help.