The tidy office and organising filing

Working in a tidy and organised office

Organising paperwork

Contrary to popular belief computerisation has not impacted hugely on reducing the amount of paperwork that can accumulate. 

Getting organised takes time but getting just a few basics right will pay dividends.

Here are a few small steps that can be taken to ensure order:

  • Filing on a daily basis ensures that documents are easily accessible.
  • Look at outstanding tasks and prioritise by importance.
  • Which ones have looming deadlines and which can afford wait.
  • Documents that have future deadlines can be stored in folders with dividers labelled showing the future months when they are due.
  • Calendar notes can run alongside document folders for flagging future dates.
  • Documents that are not used on a regular basis can be labelled up and archived.
  • Are there documents that can be dead filed? 
  • Many of these tasks could be outsourced to a Virtual Assistant?

Clearing workspace and creating a trackable filing system is essential for good organisation and there is the tremendous feeling of satisfaction from a job well done.