Writers’ Services

Services Offered:

  • Word processing
  • Audio transcription 
  • Basic editing and proof reading
  • Internet research
  • Help with getting your work ready for publication
  • Formatting

Spellchecking and formatting is a standard service.   I can work with you both locally and virtually.

Original manuscripts, journals and notebooks

Even if your original material is old, handwritten and faded I can type it up into a professionally produced document, ensure it is consistently formatted and checked for spelling and grammar.  I offer basic editing and proofreading where required.

Author’s recorded materials

If your stories, notes, etc, are recorded I can transcribe them into a word document allowing you to see your recorded work in full.  This could then be edited and returned to me for any changes and amendments.

Script Writing

Play, film or television scripts can be transcribed and word processed into the format you require.

Documents can be output into digital format, a Word file, pdf or printed document.

Project Rate

If you looking for help with a large project the Project Rate may be a suitable option.  I would be happy to discuss your work requirements to see if I can help.  Please call me if you would like to discuss a special project rate.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Final Draft
  • Pages
  • Adobe.pdf